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2007-08-29 - 12:02 p.m.

Test this morning? Negative. I still hold out hope though, since my basal body temperature is still elevated. Time to buy more sticks so I can test again soon (like, maybe the day after tomorrow) if this cycle doesn't come to an abrupt end before then.

Okay, I confess, I’m not convinced I actually “hold out hope” so much as, “haven’t totally resigned myself to the inevitable discovery that nope, not this month chicky”. Last cycle I was so optimistic that I dismissed a falling basal body temperature and persisted in taking two negative tests. This cycle? Not so much with the optimism. Dr. Hubris has promised (is it a threat or a promise?) that, if we go through 3 cycles of ovulating and no pregnancy, he’ll “check to make sure [my] tubes aren’t blocked”. This sounds ominous and uncomfortable. Would it make sense to have another workup of J’s “output” done first since it would undoubtedly be less invasive? Or is this just wishful thinking on my part? Please, feel free to weigh in on this one.

The house inspection went well yesterday. The only major thing that came up – the attic was clearly inhabited by squirrels at one point and work needs to be done to remove their droppings and re-do some of the insulation and possibly the wiring – and two minor points have already been dealt with by the current owners agreeing to have the work done professionally before we take possession. We’ve satisfied the conditions of our offer at this point so it’s all up to the current owners to do the rest. Given that they’ve already moved the bulk of their furniture etc. out, I’d say they’re not going to tarry in getting the stuff done that they’ve agreed to. So, we will have a home soon, rather than a room in my mother’s home. A home with, presumably, high speed access instead of the dial-up we “suffer” with at my mom’s. People, it’s like living in the last millennium!

Still, J is loving the satellite TV hookup out there, so it’s a bit of a trade-off. We didn’t have cable at our old place at my insistence because “we would watch it”. I know J missed being able to see his beloved hockey, (each and every game, of which there seem to be hundreds per season) but I still think it’s better than having this 24/7 access to CSI and home buying/selling/renovation shows, otherwise known as “visual crack”. I’ve been trying to avoid the siren call of the boob tube since we got there a week ago but haven’t been entirely successful.

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