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Clomid cycle 2: Electric boogaloo.

2007-08-28 - 10:27 a.m.

Itís be a long time since I devoted an entire entry to my reproductive system and I know youíre all wildly curious soÖ

Day 28 My basal body temperature is still elevated and tomorrow I can take my first pregnancy test for this cycle. I know I would normally have been able to take it before then (a few days ago), but since I suspect I didnít ovulate until day 19 or 20 and the First Response pregnancy tests are really only starting to detect pregnancy at 10 days post-ovulation*, I figure it wouldnít be useful to take the first test before tomorrow. Plus, itís not like I have a ton of privacy at my motherís place so why start early? I mean, sure, I have the bathroom to myself in the morning if Sage is with J, but to tell J without being overheard or someone figuring out somethingís up based on our acting all weird after I tell him, well, thatíll be hard. And I would like to wait at least a few days before saying anything, even to my mother.

This cycle has been different than the last one: I havenít felt nauseous at all and I didnít feel the ovulation cramping (mittleschmertz) that I normally do, and was absolutely walloped with last cycle when even sitting down made my pelvis ache for about Ĺ a day. I wonder if itís because the follicles (did I mention there were 3? Oh, I did?) were on the right side this time. (In university I knew a woman who said she only got pelvic pain when she ovulated on one side, but not when she ovulated on the other. Itíd be interesting to find out if thatís common.) Do I feel pregnant? No. But I did last cycle and wasnít so I guess that doesnít tell me anything.

So, fingers crossed for tomorrow!

* This is my reasoning, though it might be faulty: First Response detects, I believe, 65% of pregnancies 4 days before the womanís expected period. This would mean day 24 of a 28 day cycle, in which ovulation took place on day 14, i.e. 10 days post-ovulation. I know from this site that implantation time generally takes between 6 to 12 days, with 84% of implantation taking place on days 8-10. So, playing the odds, if Iím right and I ovulated on day 19 and fertilization occurred, I have an 84% chance of implantation taking place by the 29th, and a 65% chance of finding out if thatís the case. In other wordís itís pee-on-stick time tomorrow!
I canít resist mentioning one non-ovary-related thing: house inspection today! Plus I pick up the cheque for the house we just sold!

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