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The craziest week of the year.

2007-08-26 - 9:33 p.m.

What a week! We put half our stuff into storage, packed and moved the other half to my mom's - where we're living for the next little while - helped deal with 20 guests descending on my mom's for a BBQ, and, oh yeah, bought two houses.

Yep. Two.

Monday we bought in a new development, but that house won't be ready for a year-and-a-half. Unable to face all that time at the 'rents, plus the hour-long commute each way to work that would entail, we decided we needed to look at other options for securing our own place. Renting seemed like throwing money away, so we decided to buy something, with an eye to selling it when we moved into the other one. We figure that, even if we end up losing $10K on the deal because of taxes and agent fees and such, it would still be cheaper than renting for that amount of time. So, Thursday we put an offer on another place we were eyeballing and we got it with a posession date of October 1st. We'll probably do some minor stuff to it before we move in, but we hope to be fully installed by the end of October.

So yeah, two houses.

That's also meant meetings with banks and lawyers and a mountain of paperwork, on top of all the usual moving hassle. I've got a house inspector checking out the new digs on Tuesday and the other condition has already been satisfied, so we should be able to finalize everything by the end of that day.

Today we finished up the final cleaning and emptying of the old house and the new owner takes posession tomorrow. I'm so sad to see the place go - I designed it and there's a lot of me in there. The cheque I'll be picking up from my lawyer's this week should soften the blow somewhat though.

Tomorrow I go back to work from my "holidays"; it'll be good to relax again. Hee.


Cycle watch update: 3 (!!) follicles this month and good day 24 progesterone, so in theory odds are good for a successful try this round. That's what I thought last round too though, so my emphasis for "cautiously optimistic" is far more on the former part than the latter. It kind of helps that I've been too busy to fret over it. Now that the move is over though, I'll have a lot more time to obsess about getting to the day that I can take the pregnancy test for the month. Since the sticks in the ovulation predictor kit said negative from day fourteen right through eighteen, I'm going to assume ovulation on the 19th or 20th this cycle, which will mean not being able to really take an early test until the 29th or 30th of the month. This is going to be a long week...

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