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Pack, pack, pack.

2007-08-11 - 8:38 a.m.

I have to write this quickly 'cause J took Grommet out in order to let me get a lot of packing done. It wouldn't be fair to not use most of the opportunity to actually pack.

Here's the thing: our house is sold. We have movers coming to whisk all our big stuff into storage on the 22nd, after which time we'll be staying at my mom's about an hour out of town until we find a new house to move into. Since we have no idea how long that will be, it's making it hard to pack. Do we bring our winter stuff? What about maternity clothes? After all, we're trying again; what if we're successful and we end up buying in a new development and our new place isn't ready until next fall? In that case, we'd need not only my maternity clothes, but new baby stuff too. Good grief.

Speaking of hopefully getting pregnant, the Clomid for this month is done so official every-other-night "trying" commences in a couple of days. We have an ultrasound booked for the 14th to check for follicles and bloodwork for the 23rd to see if those follicles did their job and ovulated.

Did I mention that we're going away this coming week for most of a week and will be getting back three days before the movers get here? We're taking a mini-holiday leading up to a conference in Toronto on the weekend.

In the meantime, stuff has to be ready for the movers and we're slowly migrating boxes of stuff to my mom's. Speaking of which, I'd better go pack.

I'm sure y'all will understand if I don't get a chance to update much in the next couple of weeks, right? Make yourselves comfy in the archives - I've now got over 500 (!) pages of entries for you to read - and behave yourselves 'til I get back.

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