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2007-06-21 - 10:02 p.m.

Another milestone has been reached: I gave Grommet her first hair cut this past weekend. While I desperately need to post an updated photo, those who know her in the flesh might be remarking, Ďround about now, that she must be bald since she didnít have a lot of hair to cut in the first place.

ĎTis true, in a sense, but what she was developing were patches of longer, wispy hair, particularly behind her ears. You know those big pompoms of fur on the back legs of poodles? Thatís what she was starting to remind me of. It goes along the same lines as preferring that pubescent boys shave off their downy proto-staches as soon as they start to grow in.

Iím not particularly sentimental about her hair so I snipped away. Iíve seen many little girls sporting odd chunks of hair because their parents didnít want to cut a strand off their precious heads, but I honestly donít think that uneven, mangy hair is any more feminine than a short, neat cut. The only exception I might make is if it was growing into a Mohawk, Ďcause a baby with a hawk? Awesome. Especially if you make it stick up.

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