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2007-05-28 - 9:28 p.m.

Another year, another 10K and another Great Glebe Garage Sale down.

Yes, my father beat me AGAIN. I knew he would going in, so I wasn’t at all perturbed by the thought and had accepted it as inevitable… then I saw that his time of over 59 minutes (we go by “chip time” the time the chips on our shoes measures between crossing the start and finish lines – it’s the only fair way since he starts at the leading edge of the pack and I start at the back, so there’s always a few minutes between the times we cross the start line – but I digress…) would have been well within my reach had I taken the time to train this year. My first 10K ever was 58 minutes and if I train reasonably I can cut a bit off that. As it was, this was the first time I’d ran 10K this year, and only the second time I’d run outside at all (the first time was a few days earlier and I only did maybe 2k). I’d hit the treadmill a couple of times and the cross trainer a few times, just to make sure that I wouldn’t totally die if I out-of-the-blue ran a 10K, but in terms of actual training? Not so much.

Thank goodness for BodyPump, which keeps my overall fitness level high enough that I can just pick up and run 10K without training. That is not to say that I’m not a bit stiff, no, no, no, but I’m not terribly sore, even with doing a class the day after. Oddly, I can still, 16 months later, feel a slight bit of soreness and pulling where my c-section incision was. I don’t know if it was just the run, or the combination of run and Pump class, plus my first time on a bike for the year, within two days.

I totally scored at the Great Glebe Garage Sale this year too. It took minimal time to find a person selling a huge whack of clothes that would fit Grommet (I even caved and bought some pink stuff) for the unbelievably low price of twenty-five cents per item. I bought six bucks worth (24 things) and now have a substantial slice of wardrobe for her for the next eight months or so. I’m going to put some of it in a bag to live permanently (or until outgrown) at daycare, along with an extra hat and sunblock. For a quarter apiece, who cares if I never get it back?

A block over from this stop I found a woman selling clothes my size and stocked up for me: three pairs of pants and nine shirts (including the shirt I’m wearing at the office today) for the princely sum of twelve dollars, total.

Flush with good fortune, I spent the rest of my time noodling around the sales and buying lemonade and cookies from every kid I could find with a stand. I saw some adults trying to horn in on the action, but I reserved my snackage exclusively for supporting the enterprising midget set.

All-in-all? A fabulous weekend, rounded out by finding great deals on gym gear at the Sports Expo on Friday (it runs in conjunction with the Race Weekend every year), and brunch with friends on Sunday.

Oh and, and, AND… I registered for the BlogHer conference in Chicago this July, which I’ll be attending sans husband and baby. See y’all there, yo.

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