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Don't sulk.

2007-05-10 - 4:38 p.m.

[ring, ring]

Hey Diaryland, whazzup?


Hello? Hello? HellÖ o?

[ring, ring]

Did you just hang up on me? Did you? Whatís wrong?

I know, I know, I was supposed to write last night, but I was on Facebook and it got late andÖ Oh what in the Hell?

[ring, ring]

Look, donít hang up on me again. Letís talk about this.

Youíre jealous arenít you? Look, thereís no need to be, Facebook and I just met. I mean, we barely know each other, let aloneÖ

Yes, I know Iíve been spending a lot of time with him this week, but I promise baby, Facebook and I are just friends. Sure, friends that spend a lot of time together, maybe even friends that kissÖ

[ring, ring]

Okay, okay, I deserved that. Too early for that joke, I admit it and Iím sorry.

My point is, look at the history you and I have. We go back, what, five hundred entries? You think Iím going to just throw that all away for some sexy new flash-in-the-pan?

Hold on a minute, thereís no way you should feel threatened by me calling him sexy. Heís all icing, while you? Are all cake. Sure heís the newest, biggest thing, but I can tell you things Iíd never admit to Facebook, with all his connections to people that know me. Even after all this time, you still have that sense of mystery, almost anonymity, and that is truly what does it for me.

No, I mean it: you are way sexier to me than Facebook will ever be. And even if Iím spending some time over there, you have nothing to worry about; Iíll be back here all the time, especially once his novelty wears off. Really.

Aw, I love you too babe.


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