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Grommet catch-up.

2007-05-01 - 9:37 a.m.

The long-time readers (both of you) may have noticed, but I stopped doing the monthly letter to Grommet when she hit the year mark. She’s still growing and changing but I thought it might get old to read “wow! I can’t believe how fast the month has gone and all you’ve done during it!” every month.

She’s now 15 months old and no, she’s not talking in full sentences; no she’s not sleeping through the night routinely (though she did sleep through on a total of two glorious occasions – the only times I’ve slept more than a few hours in a row since she was born); and no, she’s not walking. She’s been cruising (walking while holding onto furniture, us, and toys with wheels) around for exactly six months now, but she’s been coaxed into taking exactly one unsupported step twice so far.

Am I worried? Nope. She’ll talk our ears off, sleep through more and more nights, and start walking (probably followed shortly by running) eventually. Am I getting tired of people asking about these things with a faintly concerned tilt to their eyebrows? Yep. Just a little. Fortunately for us though, Grommet still looks young for her age (and still weighs less than twenty pounds) so it doesn’t occur to most to expect her to talk and walk. And most people seem to assume that all babies over six months sleep through the night so don’t bother asking. Hah!

My sister in-law had the opposite situation with our niece in the sense that she was huge – like, almost the size of a 2-year-old – and at a year still not even rolling over. Consequently, she got the “concerned” questions a lot more than we did. I’m glad I’m not in her situation: I’ve got a lot less patience for that sort of thing.

Grommet got sick again about a week ago and was puking and then off her food for a few days. Just when she started getting back into the swing of things she took a big downturn and threw up every few hours for about 24 hours. Needless to say, she lost some of her hard-earned chub that we’d been working on building up on her. In fact, she weighed less at the end of it all than she had a few weeks earlier and had dropped back below the 15th percentile for weight. She’s been doing a lot better since though and is rounding out again. Here’s the kicker though, we took her to the doctor’s after the full day of puking (coincidentally, she perked up the instant we walked outside to go to the doctor’s, and never puked again. In fact, she was cooing and laughing for the doctor who’d squeezed her in for an emergency visit on our say-so that she was really sick. Go fig.) and want to guess what the diagnosis was?

The doctor was about 80% certain that Grommet had suffered from a migraine that day.

A MIGRAINE! At 15 months!

Granted, she was pretty much doomed to get them eventually given both J’s and my history of getting them, but we never thought she’d start so soon. It’s rare for children that age to get migraines and even those that do are normally diagnosed in retrospect.

Let’s hope she only gets hit with them rarely, and that when she’s old enough we find good ways to treat/control them for her.

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