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Why do I write?

2007-04-22 - 1:29 p.m.

Wow, I havenít gone this long without posting since I started this journal!

For the record, not one person has said, ďNo, donít go away! Weíd miss your witty writing and updates on the state of your boobs.Ē or anything else for that matter. I havenít gotten any email at all. Not. One.

So, do I keep this thing going?

I guess the answer to this lies in the question, ďWho am I writing for?Ē

Yes, Iím writing for me. And yes, Iím writing for those people out there who may recognize their own experiences in those that happen to me. Itís nice to know weíre not alone.

Most of all though, I think Iím writing for Grommet, and any siblings she may end up having. Iíd like her to be able to read about, not just my experiences, but my thoughts about her and about life. I want her to read the funny stories about everyday exchanges between me and the world around me. I want her to know how much I love her and have loved her from the moment she made her existence known to us. I want her to know how much we wanted to have her in the first place. This is especially true if anything were to ever happen to me Ė how many kids have their mothersí journals around to read? True, a LOT more than used to, now that so many people are writing online, but out of the general population there still arenít a ton.

With this post Iím six entries shy of 500, so Iíve already written enough that if I printed it out Iíd have a book. Not even a skinny book. I could stop now and say that Grommet has a good-sized slice of my life to look at in detail.

But I donít think Iíll stop just yet.

I want to keep chronicling this journey Iím on, with J and my ever-growing, ever-changing Grommet, who is almost 15 months old and is sleeping in the crib about 10 feet from me as I write this, tuckered out by another bout of stomach virus. I hope to be able to write when sheís sleeping in the next room in a grown-up bed, and maybe even sleeping in a room in another house when sheís no longer living with her dad and me. There might be times I take breaks from journalling, but I hope I keep coming back.

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