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More daycare blues.

2007-02-28 - 8:23 p.m.

I have some bad, though not earth shattering, news: Grommet has been kicked out of daycare. Itís not because she was misbehaving, she just never adjusted well and, despite getting our hopes up with one really great day of no tears at all, the situation just got worse and worse and culminated in her getting so upset she started pulling her hair and banging her head up and down (though not on anything, thank goodness!)

J heard that and he was all, ďThatís it, Iím going to get her!Ē

A trip to the doctor has confirmed that she hasnít put any weight on at all in the last month (oh excuse me, sheís put on one one-hundredth of a kilo) and her lack of plumping-up was already enough of a concern after her one-year visit to have had this extra appointment scheduled. When we described what Grommet was like at daycare the doctor agreed it was time to get her out of there.

We donít blame the daycare Ė the daycare provider is a loving, warm, extremely qualified woman Ė but it just wasnít a good fit.

So what are we doing now?

Well, she was already only going three days a week. J has taken this week off to tend to her (heís such a good dad) and Iíll take a day or two off next week too (I have 5 days I can use for this sort of thing before the end of March). But weíve got to find someone soon. Anyone know someone with one or two crawlers in her care that wants to take on a third for three days a week and lives in Ottawa?


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