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Blink. ONE! YEAR! (Holy s#*t!)

2007-01-24 - 9:45 p.m.

How many years old are you?

It’s not just coincidence that she’s holding up one finger...  OR IS IT?!?

Wow. One whole year old! And we celebrated with letting you have wheat for the first time. The doctor had said “no wheat until a year” and we took it to heart. So it was with glee in our hearts that we purchased an organic baguette, broke off tiny morsels and watched… as you pushed it around the table with disinterest and suspicion. In the end though, you took a couple of mouthfuls, chewed (and chewed and chewed and chewed – it’s hard chewing with only 4 teeth), and got them down. Woo!

At a few minutes to seven your dad and I looked at each other and marveled at how at this time a year ago we’d been in the OR getting ready to have the c-section; at 7:01 we smiled and announced to each other that you had been born right then! A year ago you were a squalling little bundle covered in grey goop, your mouth making a dismayed red square as you tried out your lungs for the first time. You couldn’t even hold up your own head. You peed twice within the first few minutes of your life. Your dad and I were just so thankful that you were okay since you’d given us quite a scare that led to that c-section, but you were perfect and your APGAR score was an almost-perfect 9 out of 10.

Now, a year later, here you were, sitting up in your high chair, picking out your favourite things to eat from the offerings spread before you, babbling to yourself, crooning to us, and wrinkling your nose when you smiled extra-wide at us. When a stranger approached you knew she was Not Known, and made sure she knew you knew by bursting into tears and reaching for the safe haven of Mum.

Baby, it’s been so amazing having you in our life and we know you will continue to dazzle us in the years to come. We hope we always do the right thing for you and that you know how much we love you.

Happy first birthday, our little Grommet.

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