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2006-12-19 - 11:01 a.m.

Last week Grommet and I went to the newly-renovated Museum of Nature (verdict: not yet worth the admission fee since only 1 Ĺ regular exhibit areas and one special exhibit are open. Also, I liked the old displays better with their dark colours in the background and only the exhibits lit up so that they really seemed imposing and impressive. They took away all the carpeting too so thereís no activity areas left for kids to crawl around and some of the new text areas are inappropriately high for small visitors.). There is a display where the camera picks up body temperature so you can see yourself on the monitor in colours varying from blues and greens where you donít emit much heat, to reds and whites where the heat apparently pours out of you. Grommet looked hilarious because her chubby baby cheeks were a cool green where the fat insulated them, and almost all the rest of her head was white-hot.

Anyway, I bring this up because if sheíd been put in front of that camera last night Iím sure the glow from the monitor would have been blinding. In the middle of the night I noticed that her head had turned into a furnace. I took her temperature and, sure enough, she had a fever of almost a hundred and one. She didnít seem sick or anything except for the fever though, so we gave her some childrenís Tylenol and went back to bed. Today itís down just a hair and Iíve called Telehealth Ontario who told me that, because Grommetís under two, if it persists for another day to get her checked out, but in the meantime to dress her in one layer and let her have one light blanket to sleep under. Apparently this level of fever is a low one and is probably helping her fight a virus so it should be managed in that it should be kept to a comfortable level, but I shouldnít be bundling her or trying to get it to go away completely through artificial means. Fair enough.

Iím glad I canceled her play date today though; apparently she could be contagious with whateverís making her feverish, and she should avoid other kids until the fever goes away on its own.


In other news, if you live in Canada and need a passport for yourself, do yourself a favour and do the application online. Or do it early enough so that you can get it done by mail. Youíll also be doing a favour for anyone who needs a passport for their kids Ďcause you wonít be clogging up the line to apply in person, which you have to do for passports for anyone under 16. I tried to get a passport for Grommet yesterday but the wait was an hour and a half to get in the front door to take a number for the hour and a half wait from that point. That, my friends, is a total wait time of about THREE HOURS! Sheesh. I couldnít wait that long yesterday so Iíll have to go back today or tomorrow once J finishes work and can stay home with our sick baby. We want to go somewhere warm for mid-January so I have to get on that ASAP. I wish Iíd done it in the fall Ďcause now thereís all the last-minute Christmas travelers going ďoh shit, I need a passport to get where Iím going?!?Ē Plus, the States says youíll need a passport to get in via plane starting January 23rd, so everyone and their uncle is getting one right now.

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