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December rush is starting.

2006-12-11 - 9:00 p.m.

I have felt oddly unmotivated to post here lately. There is family drama on my mind, but since itís really not my drama and Iím trying to avoid being pulled into it, Iím not going to get into it here.

The holidays are sneaking up on us and time is passing too quickly. I canít believe Christmas is in only two weeks! Some time within the next three weeks I have to start an RESP account for Grommet: the government tops it up by 20% so an investment of the maximum $2000 per annum automatically accrues $400 for free! Going for free money like that is no-brainer.

Of course, it would be easier to do if my work remembered to send me my pay cheques. Now, far be it from me to disparage my workplace on this account: I count my lucky stars that I have such a fantastic top-up of my maternity benefits. That being said, however, it seems that a computer glitch has caused my pay cheques to stop being printed so I havenít actually received one since October. Yes, they will eventually sort it out and Iíll presumably get all the missing pay in a lump sum, BUT this is prime holiday shopping time, plus the deadline for the RESP contribution is looming at the end of December, so it really would be handy to have the money coming in that is supposed to and that Iíve budgeted with.

On the plus side, the part of my maternity benefits that comes from E.I. is still being deposited in my bank account, J just found out that his business made enough money this year to give himself a modest Christmas bonus Ė which heís already spent on a toy, of course Ė and when my pay does arrive it should include my yearly raise so itíll be a bit of extra cash there. AND Iíve almost finished my Christmas shopping! Yay!

Speaking of maternity leave coming to an end, I started teaching again at the gym this weekend. I stopped when I was seven months pregnant so my year is up. Itís good to be back, though Iím scheduled on both Saturday and Sunday mornings for the December schedule. I wouldnít mind but it means that J and I donít have a single day of the week where we both have the whole day free. Oh well, at least Iím getting some exercise again, right?

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