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Playgroup musings.

2006-11-15 - 12:16 p.m.

We just got back from trying another playgroup and Grommet fell asleep in my arms on the way home. This means sheís now sleeping in her crib for, like, the third time ever. I took advantage of her already being asleep and lowered her in and presto, sleeping baby in crib, yay!

Iím not so sure about this whole playgroup thing. On the one hand, itís great to get out of the house and now that Grommet is on the move this place seems a whole lot smaller. Plus itís been raining like crazy here for weeks so Iím definitely starting to climb the walls a bit. I get to meet other parents and Grommet gets to chew on many new toys. On the other hand, I find these things almost overwhelmingly noisy and am constantly on guard against the Grom being trod on by the huge, noisy, running creatures that these groups seem full of. Iím constantly searching for the fabled group that has ďmostly kids under a year old.Ē Iíve been told of a few times and days of such groups meeting, yet every time I go I find a ton of older toddlers that take Grommetís toys away and come dangerously close to treading on her fingers.

And I have to admit, maybe it makes me kind of uptight, but it vaguely bothered me that all the kids and adults kept their shoes on at this particular playgroup, and since itís been kind of wet there was a lot of tracked-in dirt. Itís fine for the other parents whose kids are running around on their feet, but for those of us with babies that are only crawling (in this case today, just me) it means a lot of dirt for the babies to crawl through, dirt on the toys the babies are putting in their mouths, and, as I mentioned, lots of hard soles descending towards my innocent babyís unprotected fingers.

Maybe with winter coming theyíll change the shoes-on policy?

Still, I think Iíll give it another chance on Monday since Grommet seemed to enjoy herself and I definitely need to get out of here more than I do. I actually, for the first time, found myself thinking mid-poopy-diaper change yesterday, ĎYep, thatís what I do with my 150 IQ* these days; I wipe butts.Ē I know that thatís uncharitable and that taking care of Grommet is one of the most important jobs Iíll ever have, but I have to admit Iíd like to be able to do something else Ė perhaps something a bit more intellectually stimulating Ė with at least a bit of my time. I donít really want to go back to work full time (though I will in February in order to keep my phenomenal benefits for the next round of baby-attempting), I just want to do something else for a few hours every few days. Lately Iíve found that I just donít feel as sharp as I used to. I search for common words that should be right there, yíknow? Is this a baby-related thing? Is it a result of not using my brain much and itís a use-it-or-lose-it organ? Or is it that Iím just slowing down naturally? Or maybe (hopefully) itís just temporary? I guess Iíll find out when I do return to work.

* Iím not saying that 150 is accurate, just thatís the one that popped into my head during that particular thought. In truth, that number depends on the test. I get results anywhere from 135 to 165 so Iím just ballparking it.

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