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2006-11-05 - 10:26 a.m.

November 1st was a landmark day ‘round these here parts: Grommet started crawling and pulling up to standing on things the very same day! This is both amazing and terrifying when I think of how much chasing, and head-banging, and moments of sheer panic as she topples over are in our near future.

Did I mention that we have open-riser stairs? Did I mention that our house is for sale and we have been advised that baby gates would change the look of the place and make it harder to sell? And to be honest, when we were first talking about moving and putting our current house on the market, lo those many moons ago, we thought that we’d already be in another place by now and wouldn’t have to “baby proof” this one. Ha.

Right now, as I type this, Grommet’s standing in the crib beaming at me over the top rail all Little Miss Proud of Herself. Last time I looked – like, 30 seconds earlier – she’d been on the opposite side of the crib standing to look out the window. Somehow, in the moment I looked away, she’d managed to get down, move to a different position, and get up again. I’ve already seen her “cruising” along the coffee table; a favoured thing for her to pull up on, which just happens to be hard and nasty for her to fall on.

Just now she let go of the railing for an instant to examine her hands, and for just a split second, before she let out a startled whoosh of air and grabbed back for the railing, she was standing on her own.

Scary! Amazing!

In related news, we’ve been able to locate all the “safety” stuff we were given at various showers, except those things you put in electrical sockets to stop babies from electrocuting themselves. Why are those the only items we can’t find? We even got double the amount we were expecting because the registry apparently didn’t get checked off when the first lot were bought. And I remember thinking I was putting all that kind of stuff together, yet now it’s not there. Phooey. Oh well, they’re not expensive; we’ll probably just go buy more rather than hunt high and low for them. Even if they were expensive we’d get more of course, we’d just look a little harder to find the ones we already have first.

By the way, the stuff Grommet was looking at out the window? SNOW. Enough that it’s leaving a fine white coating on the rooftops across from us. It’s melting when it hits the actual street and sidewalk though.

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