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A sock tip and the world's cutest chicken.

2006-11-01 - 6:47 a.m.

Two quick things:


You ever notice that the socks everyone sells for babies don’t stay on and, if they do there’s a gap exposing tender calf flesh to the elements since baby pants always seem to ride up when the babies are being carried? Well, we got Grommet a few sets of tights instead and voila, problem solved. I also understand that there are some good knee socks out there and we’ll probably try to hunt down a couple of pairs. But ixnay on the fuzzy ankle socks for our long Canadian winters.


You may think your child is cute, but I’m afraid that apparently the Grom has now stolen all the cuteness in the world and is hogging it for her very own. I give you…

The Halloween Chicken!

Bock bock.

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