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Blink. Nine months!

2006-10-24 - 10:04 p.m.

Grommet has now been on the outside longer than she was on the inside! Just think, 9 months ago she was born; 9 months before that she was just two haploid cells. Weird eh?

I cannot believe itís only another 3 months until I have to go back to work. Yikes! Iíd better start looking for daycare more seriously.

While I understand from the good old internet that there are a bunch of milestones that should be dominoing around now, I have to admit that in most respects I havenít seen a lot of change since last month. Sure, she pushes up more easily onto all fours than she did a months ago, and sheís better at most things that require strength and coordination. She can make more sounds and more of her actions look deliberate. Nevertheless, her change has been mostly limited to getting better at stuff she already did a month ago; she hasnít added a lot of new stuff to her repertoire. No crawling yet, but she does do a lot of fish-flopping between what look like yoga moves (upward dog, cat, downward dog, side plank, etc.). Her bottom front two teeth are now well sprouted, as my poor boob can attest to after the way she chomped down on it tonight. Yowch!

We are giving some serious thought to moving her to her own sleep space and, while Iím not ready to think of her down the hall in her crib, J set up the Pack Ďn Play in our room so one of these nights weíll take the plunge. I know itís time to teach her how to get herself to sleep, but itís hard to give up her warm snuggly body at my side, especially now that itís getting colder out.

Grommet did the best thing the other night. I heard this loud, rhythmic tongue-click sound and looked over. J was seated at the table concentrating on his laptop and the Grom was bent and skootched over in her high chair staring him full in the face at eye levelÖ. and clicking her tongue at him! He looked up to figure out the source of the noise and as soon as his eyes met hers she beamed at him all proud of herself. I wish I could have caught it on tape, it was so awesome.

The other thing sheís started doing is the fish-pucker with her lips. Itís not a mere pursing of lips as if to kiss you, no no. Itís a full on, suck-in-both-sides-of-your-face pucker. I have a pic of it on my camera but if you want to see it youíll have to check back on this entry in a couple of days after Iíve had a chance to transfer and post it.

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