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My sister's wedding.

2006-10-16 - 9:35 p.m.

I know I usually write at least twice a week and I only managed it once last week; forgive me? My sister got married this past weekend so I had to get a bunch of stuff in a row last week to prepare for it. I was a bridesmaid, y’see.

Now, my sister did what I did when I got married; she just picked out the colours we were to wear and said we could wear anything in that colour. I told my bridesmaids to wear blue; she told hers to wear black and red. You think this would simplify things but in fact it made it more difficult for me and I hope that my bridesmaids didn’t have the same thoughts I did when they were looking for something to wear. You see, my sister has always had a flair for the dramatic and her dress was red with black trim. I knew that one of the bridesmaids was going to wear a kimono and another was going to have an old-fashioned movie usherette getup on. My brother was wearing a long black trench coat and Japanese sword, and my father was wearing his formal Scottish kilt to give the bride away. With almost everyone else in what amounted to costumes, I had to find something that was the same level of dressiness and differentness. In other words, I couldn’t just pick out a red and black dress or blouse and skirt, but I couldn’t go so overboard that I ended up topping the bride.

I went to a costume store but struck out. I went to at least 10 different retail stores – including one that specialized in goth clothes – but struck out. On Wednesday (yes, three days before the wedding) I walked into another costume store, but this one stocked theatrical costumes as well as Halloween ones. I hit pay dirt, big time, with The Perfect Outfit that included a long red skirt with black spider web patterns overlaying it (my sister is known for her fondness of spiders and they figured in the decorations at the wedding), a black velvet bustier, over-the-elbow satin gloves, and a shawl that had black velvet on one side and the skirt material on the other. Score!
Not my style but pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

I have to say, my sister and I have had our differences over the years but hers was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to. Fun and relaxed and refreshingly different. In addition to the unusual garb and theme, the decorations were very “her”, there was a cake tower filled with jello shots (of which my brother probably had far too many – every time I looked at him over the evening his mouth was getting redder and redder from the cherry flavoured shots), the cake itself was bright red with a skeletal bride and groom cake topper perched on the top, and her friends were really nice. Grommet was a hit as a junior bridesmaid in her little black and red dress. The music was awesome and a good time was had by all. I was sorry to have to pack it in early to take Grom back to the hotel.

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