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I can't wait for Halloween!

2006-09-05 - 7:14 p.m.

Today we bought the cutest Halloween outfits for Grommet at Old Navy. Yes, I said “outfitS.” What? Doesn’t everyone buy at least two costumes for their first child’s first Halloween?

Okay, I know it was a luxury, but I couldn’t resist. I have every intention of putting her in the kitty-cat costume on a regular basis this fall. It’s warm and soft and adorable. They should definitely make more children’s clothes with ears. I know I’d be a sucker for them. Heck, I’d wear adult clothes with ears.

The chicken costume, on the other hand, is for Halloween proper. (Have you clicked the links? Have you “awwed” over the costumes yet? Go ahead I’ll wait if you haven’t…)

Wait until I take pictures of Grommet in them and post them. You head will explode when exposed to that much cuteness!

Our plan is to trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood we’re looking to buy a house in. We figure Halloween is a great excuse to meet the potential new neighbours. I hear they don’t do Unicef any more or we’d carry a box for it. So what do you think we should do? Collect candy and eat it ourselves? Or just say “hi”? I’m kind of leaning towards the candy, especially if I spot chocolate bars in the offing…

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