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The non-blink of an eye.

2006-08-07 - 7:58 a.m.

Okay, what is the deal with babiesí eyes? Is Grommet the only baby that doesnít seem to notice when thereís something irritating in her eye? Many, many times Iíve gazed adoringly into her eyes, trying to find the perfect description for their grey-blue colour (Ö with eyes like the sea after a storm.Ē Bonus points if you can tell me the movie that quote is from. But I digressÖ), only to see an eyelash floating across the surface of her cornea.

Now, such a thing would bug the crap out of me and Iíd be rubbing my eye and heading for the nearest mirror to get it out. She just grins at me and seems blithely unaware that there is a huge pointy thing, sometimes encased in eye schmutz drifting across her vision.

So what do I do? If itís not bothering her, do I try to get it out? Or do I take the largely successful (and doctor-endorsed) road Iíve opted for so far and try to ignore it, my eyes involuntarily watering in sympathy, hoping that it will work its own way out during the night? When it does start to seem like itís bothering her (as Iím assuming it will one day), how do you get something out of a babyís/childís eye anyway?

And I want to know: why doesnít it bother her? For that matter, when sheís tired and rubbing her eyes, it looks like sheís sticking her fingers right in them some times, and that doesnít seem to bother her either? Why not? Do babies naturally have insensitive eyes? Do they not grow a lot of pain nerve endings in the eye until later in life? A protective coating? I know this may sound crazy but I swear to you that there are times Iíve looked at her eyes when the surface was reflecting light and seen this gold sheen on them, kind of like water with a drop of oil on its surface, or sunglasses with a slightly reflective coating. And no, itís not that theyíve dried out (babies donít blink as much as adults), because itís still there just after she blinks. Am I the only one thatís seen this? Am I nuts and imagining it? Whatís the story, internet?

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