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Six month doctor's visit.

2006-07-28 - 11:23 a.m.

The unfortunate thing about Grommet’s six-month birthday arriving is that it means another trip to the doctor for a well-baby visit … and two more shots!

Yes, I know there’s a bit of controversy involved in whether to get children inoculated but since, in my eyes, the shots are much, much kinder than the disease would be to my child’s health and well-being, we’re going with the recommended inoculations. This has meant a shot in each meaty thigh every damn time we go to the doctor’s office for one of the regularly scheduled check-ups. Two months, four months, and now six months. Fortunately there isn’t another until the year mark, and we do have the opportunity to have a nine-month visit with no shots before then if we want to. The doctor said that she wants to see babies she’s concerned about at the 9-month mark, but she thinks Grommet is doing beautifully and isn’t concerned about her at all so it would be up to us whether to come in at 9 months or not.

On the one hand, it seems like we shouldn’t be taxing our heavily-burdened health system if there’s nothing wrong with the Grom. We could just skip it and wait for the year visit. On the other, it’s a visit we’re entitled to and as first-time parents it would be reassuring to go back and hear how well she’s doing. Plus, it might give her a chance to realize that not all doctor’s visits involve being stuck with sharp implements. What we’ve done is make the 9-month appointment but if we feel she’s doing swimmingly and have no questions for the doctor that can’t be resolved via the phone we’ll probably cancel and wait for the 12-month slot.

The doctor did tell us that now that Grommet has started her rice cereal we can introduce more cereals, then vegetables, then fruit, as we want to. She suggested a new cereal every week for a couple of weeks until she’s had 3 under her belt, then maybe mix things up with some veggies if we want. As long as we wait the 4 to 7 days between introduction of new items, and avoid certain things until she’s a year (wheat – so no “mixed” cereals – citrus, cow’s milk, egg white, etc.), it’s open season on the baby food.

I’d better alert my mom, who’s promised (as I’ve mentioned) to make organic baby food for us, to the fact that we’ll be taking her up on that in a few weeks.

The doctor did ask, with a knowing grin, if Grommet’s poop changed radically. When we mentioned that Grom hadn’t pooped and reminded her that she normally only went once or twice a week, the doctor didn’t seem overly concerned that Grommet hadn’t pooped yet, but let us know that rice cereal can be constipating and that if Grommet didn’t poop in a week and a half from the start of the cereal we should maybe give her a call. Fair enough.

Hey, I forgot to mention it earlier but normally when we let Grommet sit up by herself she often reaches a point where she gets tired and fold forward like a flip phone to rest. This past weekend, for the first time, she did the fold and rest, but then straightened back out again to a sitting position on her own. Every week brings something new.

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