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Our first, Grommet-free evening!

2006-07-11 - 9:22 p.m.

Our household has been felled! Well, at least the two adults so far. J has had a cold/sore throat for a couple of weeks but today it escalated to an upset tum. I have caught his sore throat and am on the way to losing my voice, plus I walked into my mother’s coffee table leg and sprained my little toe today. What a pair we make.


I spent last night at my mom’s and (finally) got a painting done out on her porch. Yay me! I think I’ll be doing the same this weekend.


This past weekend we got a sitter for Grommet while we went to a wedding reception. Oh, I’m sorry, did that sound blasé? Maybe I meant something more along the lines of, WE LEFT OUR PRECIOUS BABY FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME WITH SOMEBODY ELSE FOR A WHOLE EVENING!!!

Well, okay, it wasn’t the whole evening because I had to go back partway through the evening to breastfeed her.


Stop looking at me like that! I had to!

If you got a reception invite that said cocktails at 5:00 pm and “dinner and chocolately goodness later”, you too might make the (soon to prove erroneous) assumption that dinner would probably be around 6:00 pm, particularly on a Sunday when people don’t normally go out or stay out late. Consequently, you might think leaving a “snack size” two ounces of milk would be enough to get your baby through to 7:30 pm when you would be home after virtuously skipping dessert. The place was a 5-minute drive from your home so really, this wouldn’t be too bad, right?


I found out that we’d be seated just after 7:00 pm, whereupon we’d be choosing our first and second courses, which would subsequently start arriving at about the time I thought I’d be comfortably ensconcing myself beside my mildly hungry child and popping a boob in her mouth. I called home and made a milk run for just after 6:30; leaving the snack bottle for the hunger pangs after that feeding. Good thing I did ‘cause we didn’t get home until 9:30.

How did it feel? Well, we had it easy because the people we left her with are very good friends of ours and we’re very close to them and they love our daughter, so we didn’t worry about the care she was getting. It was kind of weird to be out without her, and kind of good to be out and dressed up and not having to worry about dandling a cranky baby on my knee while trying to shovel my food - which J would have had to cut up for me – into my gaping maw with my free hand. We had adult conversations. We laughed. We ate “mangopacho” and salmon. We did, however, skip the dessert to get home and got there minutes before the Grom woke up demanding a proper feeding.

All-in-all, I’d have to say it was a successful evening and we’ll have to do it again sometime. Not soon maybe, but sometime.

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