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Kids say the darndest things.

2006-07-07 - 10:04 a.m.

The scene: bright sunny day, multiple people playing volleyball, hanging out on the deck, under the shade of the trees, etc. Shawna decides that her baby’s pee-soaked diaper needs to be changed, but is feeling lazy and besides, it’s just pee so only a quick switch-out is required. Under the gaze of the hosts’ three-year-old daughter, she turtles the baby on her back, undoes the fasteners on the old diaper, and pulls it off. During the brief time before the new diaper is on and secured…

Three-year-old girl: Your baby has a beeyootiful bagina.

Shawna: Um. Thanks. (?)

3YOG: And it talks too!

Shawna: …


… Really? What does it say?

3YOG: It says, “Have a nice day!”

laughter all around
J (indignantly to Shawna later): My little girl’s bchotch does NOT say “Have a nice day!”

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