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2006-06-07 - 10:17 p.m.

I worry about my nutrition, as it affects my breastfeeding. We donít go grocery shopping as often as we used to so there are several days at a stretch where my access to fresh fruit is severely limited. Add to this the fact that me drinking milk seems to trigger painful gas episodes in Grommet so I generally abstain from it. Yíall, I love milk, and itís a great source of calcium and vitamin D. Itís also lower in sugar than my main alternative, which is juice. Yes, I do drink water, but I usually prefer juice. I allow myself very small amounts of milk via cereal and decaf coffee & tea, but thatís usually it.

Iíve noticed Iíve been craving sugar lately too, and indulging the craving a bit more than I should.

This is all a problem when I even find the time to eat. I manage two of three things on most days: breakfast, lunch and a shower. While I am slowly whittling myself down to my ďnormalĒ size, I would prefer to do it while eating powerhouse nutritious foods, rather than not really eating enough, and eating the wrong foods to boot.

My other consumption problem? Liquids. I may find a few minutes at noon to scarf down something healthy Ė today, for instance, I managed no breakfast but a lunch of tomatoes and cukes on whole wheat with some low-fat cream cheese Ė but itís equally hard to quaff a beverage with it. And I know darn well I should have at least had some water or something in the first half of the day. While I am chronically dehydrated, I know I should be making an extra effort while breastfeeding since Iíve got that extra avenue for liquids to leave my body.

This will be a busy few days coming up Ė tomorrow Iíve got to get gifts for the two showers and housewarming Iíll be attending in the near future, then weíll be helping with my motherís yard sale on Friday and Saturday, followed by two of those aforementioned gift-giving events Ė but Iím hoping we can sneak in a trip to the grocery store. After all, Grommetís got over a month and a half to go before she should be starting solids at 6 months, so itís my job to make sure the milk that goes into her now is quality stuff.

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