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The Grand Plan.

2006-04-29 - 7:39 a.m.

Seven am on a Saturday morning. What the heck am I doing up? Especially when Grommet and J are both still in bed?

Well, theres writing this entry, for one thing, that I wanted to do. For another I may just go downstairs and have some Mini Wheats (which I rediscovered during pregnancy and is the Best Cereal Ever). I originally got up to use the facilities and maybe take Grommet out of the room to let J sleep since she was cooing a lot. Also, shed spit up so I was getting her a fresh onesie. Now Im not tired and shes gone back to sleep.


Weve been looking at houses lately. The grand plan is to keep the one downtown we have now to rent it out and move to a more family-oriented neighbourhood. My mother is selling her house since her boyfriend is moving out and is looking at moving to the city. Were examining the possibility of buy a duplex with her, or maybe building a secondary dwelling unit onto a house with a big lot. Wed even build two units new if we could find land we liked in the right area (not more than 15 km from Js work). Weve actually found a small house on a big lot that might be suitable for the second scenario so were delving into it a bit more. It would involve a lot of work in terms of designing and building but I love that part and a lot of careful finagling in terms of financing (and I hate that part but am not bad at it). My mom owns her house outright so in theory it shouldnt be an issue but the timing of renting our place, buying the new place, selling her place, building her unit on the new place, etc. will make it a lot more complicated.

Shes also looking at small places in the city to buy on her own. This would make things much less complicated, but not as challenging or fun. Plus, wed really like to live on the same property as my mom (though not in the same house; there is such thing as too much of a good thing, as my mother would agree). If we were to pull it off, shed be able to indulge her passion for gardening and wed get a beautifully landscaped lot. Wed be there to do the lawn mowing and snow clearing for her. Shed be able to look after Grommet from time-to-time on short notice and weve discussed the possibility of her providing daycare for Grommet and any of her future siblings, and wed pay her what wed pay a daycare so she could stay home a bit more and go out to work a bit less (shes a nurse and her job can be quite taxing, especially cause she works nights). Wed be paying the money out anyway and this way we dont have to worry about getting Grom there, picking her up, and what kind of care shed be receiving in between. And did I mention that my mom loves to cook and is amazing at it? To balance that, I might be able to drag her out with me to the gym if she lived that close.

Anyway, it remains to be seen what happens. All I know for sure is, WE are moving and hopefully before the Grom gets too mobile Ill be sad to leave this place which I designed and had built myself, but this just isnt a kid-friendly house or neighbourhood.

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