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Hello fusspot./Bye bye Gremster.

2006-04-13 - 9:52 p.m.

Today there has been a return of the Fussy Grommet, which we havenít seen in quite awhile. To be honest, sheís never been terribly fussy but there have been times that sheís been, shall we say, less placid than others. She hasnít slept a lot today, though I donít know if thatís a cause or effect, and she hasnít wanted to be out of contact with me or her dad at any point. Several times Iíve managed to sneak away for maybe 10 minutes at a time, but thatís it. This is the sort of day I was expecting to have on Tuesday, after she got her shots on Monday. Right now sheís barely consolable after J (in whose lap sheís lying) let out a cheer at the hockey game on TV and startled her. Poor little squeaker.

I have to wonder if itís related to my milk consumption. Back when she had blood in her poop the doctor suggested cutting back on dairy. I did (almost coincidentally Ė first we got some milk that ďtasted funnyĒ to me so I didnít have any of it, then we bought just a small carton so I only had it in tea and with my cereal) and sheíd been a lot less fussy. Only a couple of days ago we got a big bag of milk so Iíve had a few glasses. Today? Tummy troubles for the Grom. So, no more milk as a major source of my calcium. Iíll have to find another way to get it. Itís too bad because I love milk and itís good for me. Iíll probably still have the small amounts I did for the last couple of weeks since it didnít seem to bother the wee one, but other than that I have to put the kibosh on it.

Say, you know that stereotypical pouting expression? The one where the lower lip sticks out about a mile and trembles? Yeah. I always thought that was a learned expression. Turns out I was wrong Ė the Grom pulls the saddest pouty face when sheís on the verge of dissolving into tears. Iíll take a pick one of these days and post it. The hard part of that is that when she starts pulling that face I pretty much drop everything and swoop her up to try to avert the coming storm, and so I miss my chance to capture it for posterity. And the internet.


Alas, today we got some sad news: my motherís cat Gremster has passed on. He was 16 years old Ė which was pretty old for a Giant Cat Ė and heís been going downhill for a few weeks now. He stopped eating and had become a shadow of his former kingly self. Iím sorry to see his reign end. All I can say is that he had a good life, roaming the countryside, surveying his domain, and putting an end to all vermin (and some birds) that crossed his path, and if there are mice in the afterlife, there wonít be for much longer

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