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First shots/first visit to work.

2006-04-11 - 9:35 p.m.

Yesterday Grommet got her first set of inoculations. Despite my attempt to lessen the pain by using Emla patches, she screamed bloody murder and the doctor said she didn’t think that the patches actually helped since they numb the skin but not the muscle the needle goes into. Poor little squeaker. Her daddy’s taking her to the next round in a couple of months.

Despite my fears though, she wasn’t cranky for the rest of the day – which we spent at Nana’s house – and she was practically buoyant today. She grinned at me when she woke up for the day (at 11:00 am! Yes, you may hate me, but just a little bit.) and since it was so warm and sunny I decided to do a big tour with her and brought her in to meet my coworkers.

The Grom is not a particularly smiley baby, but nor is she particularly fussy either. I’d have to say she’s pretty mellow and she sleeps a ton. I’d guess she actually snoozes a good 18 hours out of 24 (I can feel the hate for me welling up again, can’t I?). People at work remarked how rested I looked and I told them truthfully that I’m getting more sleep now than when I was at work. Of course, Grommet charmed the heck out of them all, bestowing smiles on a select few and gazing wide-eyed at the rest. Wherever we went we drew a crowd and the compliments on how beautiful she is, how perfect her complexion, how lovely her eyes, how she looks like a “Gerber baby”, etc. flew thick and fast. I just nodded and smiled and agreed with them all.

Really, how could I not?

What can I say?  She’s adorable and I can’t deny it!

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