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End of season shopping and escaping not-unscathed.

2006-03-31 - 2:43 p.m.

I got a smokin' end-of-season deal on snow pants (technically I believe theyíre snowboarding pants) a few days ago. They were originally over $110 and I paid $25 and change including tax. Now, you may recall I hate the winter, but I've been meaning to get some for years to walk to work in in the winter, or for when J cajoles me out onto the Canal, etc. Plus, I figure when Grommet gets big enough to learn to skate or even make snowmen I'll have to go outside in the winter at least sometimes for recreation.

I also purchased some clunky, warm, big-ass winter boots on sale. Iím all set for the next few winters of park-going.


Yesterday I got out the sling that Iíd purchased a few days ago and tried it out. See for yourself (sorry itís a bit dark):

Snug as a bug?

Grommet didnít seem to mind it for the short stretch she was in it and Iím glad to have something to save my arms when sheís persnickety and not wanting to be put down. I hope to use it around the house and when weíre, say, out and about and the stroller is just not doing it for her.*

* She was fussing in the stroller the other day and a store clerk leaned over to look at her and said, ďAw, poor thing. Itís so hard being pushed around in the comfiest bed in the world, isnít it?Ē


Iíve got 9 pounds left to go before I hit my pre-pregnancy weight. I havenít been dieting or getting even as much exercise as I used to before I stopped teaching at the beginning of December, but itís still coming off. I can fit into the largest of my pre-pregnancy pants!

Donít hate me.

If itís any condolence, I found a stretch mark yesterday, and wouldnít you know it, itís right in my tattoo. Itís not obvious unless you know what it used to look like. I had to check a picture of me leaving for the hospital to confirm that it even happened while I was pregnant. Sure enough, there it is. You see how one of the sides of the inside circle is wider? Thatís a stretch mark.


Still, I canít complain, it didnít ruin the tattoo. I wonder if I would have gotten more of them if I hadnít given birth that day?

Hey, now that Iím checking old belly shots, Iím finding that stretched bit way before I noticed it. Even in December itís there.

Double drat!

Good thing I didnít notice or I would have wasted way too much time worrying how many more Iíd get.

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