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Back to work(out), and too much of a good thing.

2006-03-27 - 9:54 a.m.

This weekend I headed back to the gym while Grommet and her daddy went to the Auto Show. Itís probably the longest Iíve been apart from her since her birth (over an hour and a half). However, since the gym and the show were in the same complex and I had my cell on and with me at all times (except in the shower of course) in case of any emergenciesÖ especially those that would require the presence of my boobs.

I have to say that both the Grom and I weathered the experience pretty well. In my case, itís partly because I didnít push it and limited myself to only 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer and the upper body, ab, and cooldown tracks of the class that I normally teach when not on mat leave. I was a teeny bit stiff yesterday and so far today, but itís a good kind of stiff and Iím betting itíll pass fairly soon.

Today is a gorgeous day, with the sun shining and a predicted high of 9 degrees above zero. I may even venture forth with Grommet for a stroll before J gets home, unless he asks me to wait for him. Right now sheís sleeping and I donít even want to disturb her to wipe the dried milk off the side of her head.

Thatís right: I said ďthe side of her headĒ.

I have what is occasionally, shall we say, an over-abundance of the white stuff. Iíd heard of women with not enough but I hadnít been aware that anyone could have too much until it happened to me. I think the surfeit of foremilk, in fact, is one of the possible causes of Grommetís gas pains as I read that itís high in milk sugar and can have that effect.

As Iíve mentioned before, when I feel the let-down or, perhaps more appropriately milk ejection reflex, I have to be ready with an extra washcloth or something to staunch the flow on the side thatís not in use (and why did no one tell me that this happened?). Lately Iíve been cleverly catching it in a cup and adding it to my frozen supply Ė on a day when my boobs are full to bursting I can leak almost a full ounce in a 10-minute feeding. This has also allowed me to see that I donít just drip sometimes, itís like the boob nozzle has been set on spray and Iíll get several needle-thin jets of milk when the let-down first comes on. This is even more true of the side that is in use Ė when Grommet gets more than she can handle sheíll pull back and Iíll cover her face in a fine spray that makes it look like sheís been hit with a milk-filled plant mister.

During the day I can keep an eye on this, but when Iím feeding her at night in the semi-dark I donít always see whatís happening, thus there are mornings like today when I look at her once the sunís come up and sheís got dried milk crusted to her face and even in her hair.

Oh well, milk is supposed to be good for the complexion, non? If thatís the case, this babyís going to have the best skin in her playgroup.

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