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Blink. Two months.

2006-03-24 - 1:41 p.m.

Two months. She’s survived our inexperienced parenting attempts so far and looks like she’s doing pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. I know I’m going to get repetitive and say that I can’t believe another month has gone by every month, but it’s true that time is flying by.

Grommet is two months old. I’ve always been told by friends with kids that it’s after the two month mark that the hardest adjustment is behind you and babies start to be fun, but to be honest, I’ve already found Grommet fun for the last two months and I didn’t really find the adjustment to be all that hard. I certainly haven’t felt sleep-deprived.

It’s funny how she’ll seem different to me, depending on how I look at her. When I look down at her from above while we’re feeding or cuddling in bed, she looks like a little girl to me and I can sort of see what she’ll look like when she’s no longer a baby. When I look at her straight on, or when she’s propped up and holding her head up in a bobble-headed way for longer and longer every day, she looks very much like a young baby, but bigger and stronger than she was. Her length in my arms when I’m carrying her, or stretched alongside me, seems to be ever-increasing and I think how big she’s getting.

Then we go out into the big world in her stroller and she’s a little tiny face peeping out of her blanket and bunting bag. Or we’ll go to a restaurant and one of us will lift her tiny, pyjama-ed body out to walk her around when she starts to squawk, and she’ll seem so little. People will remark on how small she is and ask how many weeks old she is.

I guess everything’s relative.

One thing that never changes is her capacity to delight us and melt our hearts with one gummy smile. I can’t help but exclaim over how cute she is many, many times during the day. Even when she’s working up to a good cry she’s adorable. She starts with sticking out a trembling lower lip about a mile and her eyes start to fill with tears and you know she’s about to open her little mouth in a rounded rectangle and just let loose, but you can’t help but go “Awwww.” and “Oh Sweetie, what’s the matter? What can we do for you to make you happy again?”

Now that she’s smiling more every day, we’re waiting for the first laugh. I’m not sure my heart will be able to refrain from busting into a million pieces with happiness when I do hear it.

Look!  She’s holding her head up all by herself!

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