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Slaves of the Grom.

2006-03-14 - 6:43 p.m.

Hurrah! Grampa’s home from Florida and that means Daddy can leave work earlier! J has been working seven days a week since we brought Grommet home from the hospital. On top of that, his hours got longer when his father, who works for him, left for Florida for a month. Now that he’s back, J can leave work a bit earlier, and he’s trained a couple of his staff so that he can take a couple of days a week off. Of course, he still has to do some business-related things on those days, but at least he doesn’t have to get up before the ass crack of dawn (3:30 on weekdays, 4:30 on weekends).

J’s dad also brought home some clothes for the Grom, including some way cute little sun suits and overalls. She’ll be a well-dressed baby this summer.

Speaking of the Grom (seven weeks old today, by the way), she is still being plagued by tummy troubles and we’re still finding blood in her poop from the fissure in her little bum. We feel so awful for her but there’s not a lot we can do but hope it heals soon. We’ve gotten the opinion from 3 medical professionals that no, there’s no treatment and it should heal on its own. If you took away all the crying we pretty much know can be attributed to this problem, she’d probably win an award for least-fussy baby around. Poor little munchkin.

She’s definitely smiling more. J finally was awarded one on Sunday and has been the thrilled recipient of several since then. I’ve noticed that she does it most when she’s hungry and possibly anticipating a feeding in her near future. I wonder if it’s a lure… ‘Look at me! Aren’t I beguiling? Don’t you want to reward my cuteness with food?’ To which we, of course, reply, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! You are the cutest baby ever and we’ll give you anything you want! We’ll lay the world at your feet if you just keep smiling like that for us!”


Check out the nice houses here at Birdseye Building. We’re looking at maybe building this summer and I wish these guys were in our neck of the woods (and that we could afford them)…

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