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The 200-pound Baby Syndrome.

2006-02-20 - 12:20 p.m.

I knew that babies like being held. One thing I had not expected was how much I would like holding Grommet. I often fall victim to what Ive come to call The 200-pound Baby Syndrome. It starts out innocently enough Im feeding her, then she falls asleep stretched across my lap in my arms. Then, I marvel at how beautiful and angelic she looks, and how peacefully shes sleeping. At that point I realize that I cant bear to put her down. What if I disturb her and she wakes up unhappy? What if she feels rejected by being taken away from my warm body and put down in a not-yet-warmed bed? Before I know it, I start to have thoughts like, J will be home in only an hour he can take her from me then and put her down for me so that I wont be the one to have to do it.

Its like the baby weighs 200 pounds and I cant lift her to budge her off me. I know I should doing so would let me write a journal entry, or shower, or eat something but I just cant bring myself to do it.

Watching us together, my mom said, Its too bad she wont remember these tender moments. In a way I agree, but at least I will remember them. After all, Im counting on them getting me through the period of time just after she learns the word No.


Psst, Nancy may be having her baby RIGHT NOW! Go wish her luck!

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