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Two weeks in: a report from the trenches.

2006-02-06 - 2:17 p.m.

Grommet’s due date was originally tomorrow. I swear I can already see a difference from when she was born: she’s filling out a bit and getting a bit more solidity to her. I can’t help but wonder, if she’d been born when expected, is this what she’d have come out looking like?

She has acquired a huge number of nicknames. So many, in fact, that I wonder if she’ll ever figure out her real name. The most popular in the household right now is The Squeaker (‘cause she makes these adorable squeaking noises when she’s hungry or just starting to be disgruntled). We also call her: The Squash, Little Chicken, Monkey, Sweetie/Sweetheart, and a host of other names that pop into our heads.

I am recovering slowly. My belly is still tender but my incision has finally almost stopped seeping (TMI?). I lost 21 of the 35 pounds I put on as of last week (sure, it’s easy to lose the baby and water weight, but those last 14 are going to be a bitch). Best of all, I was delighted to re-discover my feet! I had forgotten that, when I wiggle my toes? I see tendons on the tops of my feet! And my ankles? Have bones in them!

Today the stars must have aligned in the “House of Food” quadrant or something; both my stepmother and my mother dropped by with enough food to stuff our fridge and freezer. My main concern is not now “what to eat,” but rather, “how can we eat everything that’s perishable that doesn’t freeze well?” It’s crazy how well-supplied we are now. This doesn’t bode well for those 14 pounds, I tell ya.

I’m hearing some squeaks so I must attend to them. I will be posting pictures one of these days, I promise.

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