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The first week home.

2006-02-04 - 9:41 a.m.

People, I am in love. And with a being that weighs less than 10 lbs.

I want to be able to chronicle all of the experiences of being a new parent, but I don’t have more than a couple of moments when I have two hands free every day and generally showering takes precedence over writing. We do, however, plan on getting a sling or other baby carrier soon so hopefully that will mean I can type at the computer while keeping Grommet with me.

Where to start? Grommet is beautiful and captivating, and the range of expressions on her tiny face is amazing. For instance, the first time she got hiccups, you’ve never seen a more startled baby. Her eyes opened wide and her gaze shifted from side to side as if to say, “Whoa! Wha’? What’s happening to me?” Both J and I could (and do) just watch her for hours. She’s definitely got a personality. She hates to be cold and exposed and it breaks the heart to hear her wail at every diaper change and bath. Fortunately, we’ve learned that the wailing stops the instant she’s warm and dressed again so we cold-heartedly push on.

She’s thriving and, at her 10-day checkup, had surpassed what we think was her birth weight already (this normally takes about 2 weeks). Her poop is surprisingly odour-free and easy to clean up. We can’t even tell she’s pooped without either hearing her doing the deed or making a visual inspection. We had both been under the impression that baby poop smelled bad so this was a happy surprise. Apparently once she changes over to any sort of food that’s not breast milk it will turn pretty nasty in a hurry.

J is also a man newly in love. He told me after the fact that when he saw her for the first time it was just like the books said it would be. All he could think was, “You’re wet a squishy but you’re all mine!” He has shown all the patience in the world and his eagerness to get his hands on the baby when he comes home touches me. He has to get up at 3:30 in the morning to open his business for 5:00am, but uncomplainingly changes diapers at midnight if he’s woken up by little wails. And he’s become the biggest champion of breastfeeding I’ve ever seen. I want, in fact, to devote a whole entry to the breastfeeding thing, so stay tuned and be patient. I will be back on a more regular basis and hopefully soon.

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