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It's a girl!

2006-01-28 - 3:18 p.m.

Yes, Grommet is, as the lab tech suspected, a girl! And an utterly beautiful one, at that.

Just a quick note Ė almost 24 hours after the induction and a multitude of minor interventions and complications (more on this another time), our beautiful and healthy daughter was born by cesarean at 7:01 pm on January 24th.

We will never know exactly what she weighed because it was discovered the next day that the scale in the delivery room was incorrectly calibrated, but 24 hours after the fact she weighed 7lbs even so thatís what her records are going with as her official birth weight. She was 21 inches long.

Our little threesome spent 3 days in hospital (itís so great that they encourage rooming in for the babies and the partners) and came home yesterday. My Mom (who will be known to Grommet as Nana) and Granny (who will probably remain Granny or perhaps Great-Granny) stopped by with armloads of much-appreciated food so we got to have, for the first time, four generations of women in my family in the room all at the same time. It was a very cool experience.

So weíre all home and tired, but doing well. J had to go back to his business this morning to make sure it continues smoothly, but Iím home and trying to sleep when I can, when not attending to the needs of my new boss (she may be small, but she rules with an iron fist). My incision is still quite sore and Iím hoping that the recovery from the surgery will speed up a bit, but Iíd do it all again in a heartbeat when I look at her adorable face (which definitely has a lot of J in it).

If anyone sends any email donít be surprised if it takes some time to get back to you - hopefully in a few weeks when everyoneís adjusted to our new way of life Iíll be able to send email and actually write Grommetís birth story. I will, of course, post some pictures when I get a chance (I may even have to upgrade my account if I turn into a typical new mom and go all camera-happy).

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