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2006-01-23 - 5:06 p.m.

Here’s the scoop folks: a couple of red flags were found at this morning’s series of tests and as a result I’ve been officially labeled as having pre-eclampsia and put on the list for induction. It’s likely that we’ll be called in this evening, whereupon the decision will be made on how aggressively to manage an induction. Make no mistake though, they apparently will induce. I clarified it and the deal is…

After we leave home for the hospital when they call us in this evening, we won’t be coming home without a baby with us. WOWZA!

Needless to say, I’ve got a few things to do to prepare physically and to wrap our heads around this mentally so forgive me if I keep this short. For one thing, I never wrote a birth plan because my midwives knew what I wanted; now I'll be with an OB I've never met and all I can do is hope he or she is not episiotomy-happy.

Wish us luck and we’ll let people know the news when we get a chance. Don’t expect anything tomorrow but hopefully within a few days…

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