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Staying home.

2006-01-16 - 9:59 p.m.

My riveting first weekday home on maternity leave: get up, make myself a smoothie (strawberries, banana, calcium-fortified OJ and some peach yogurt, if youíre curious), do some tax stuff, have lunch, read yet more info on babies, nap, make chicken curry with rice and fried bananas, vote, eat the curry etc. for dinner with J, get back on the computer and write this.

Oh yeah, thereís going to be some great literature written in my journal this week. Canít you just feel it?

There are only 4 things that I wanted to do this week that would take me out of the house Ė voting, a prenatal yoga class, a prenatal massage, and a visit with my midwife. That totals 4 hours out of the whole week. Coincidentally, the only time my midwife appointment could be booked was during the same slot as the prenatal yoga class. Thatís right, 4 hours out of about 60 daylight hours and I have a conflict. Alas.

So, am I preparing myself and my house for the birth? Looking around what is still the home office rather than a nursery, I have to say no to the latter. And my good intentions regarding perineal massage and regular prenatal yoga classes have not come to fruition either (I find the former uncomfortable and difficult to reach far enough to do and my attendance at the latter has been spotty at best). On the plus side though, a friend is helping J pick up the crib tomorrow night (it was too big to fit in our car) and getting that set up will be a big step towards setting my mind at ease. My foray into the stores on Saturday was tiring, but it too was important as I now think I have almost everything we need in the house. Granted, itís all over the house, but at least I could lay my hands on it if Grommet decided to make an unexpectedly early arrival.

Speaking of Grommet, I cannot tell what position sheís in at all. Her head used to be kind of beside my belly button, then she was head down with her back along my right side, then with her back along my left and her feet trying to poke out my upper right side beside my ribs, and now the kicks and thumps seem to have shifted down and to the middle. I hope this doesnít mean heís ďsunny side upĒ as my friend Jo puts it (with his spine lining up with mine) Ė back labour just does not sound fun in any way shape or form. Iíll know more when I go to the midwifeís on Wednesday.

So, not long now, but hopefully itíll be at least a week-and-a-bit. Iím counting on getting stuff into some semblance of order this week, with a major push on the weekend with Jís help. I donít want to put a lot of pressure on him Ďcause he did open his new business less than a week ago and the poor guyís been working 7 days a week, often more than 12 hours a day, but on the other hand, this whole baby thing is kind of important and the timing is largely out of our hands. The wonderful thing about J though - he's a guy with good priorities and I know he's right there and willing to take on whatever has to be done. I just wish there was more I could do since I'm the one at home right now.

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