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2006-01-11 - 11:11 a.m.

Sorry to leave people hanging – I had my home visit with the midwife on Monday and have been now ordered off work. Oddly, I am sitting at work writing this.

Here’s the deal: my blood pressure has continued to creep up and I now have a monitor that I’m supposed to check it with several times a day. I’ve agreed to be at work only to finish off sorting my files and transferring them, and tidying up loose ends like my HR stuff for my maternity leave. I’ve set my out-of-office reply to say I’m not here.

Additionally, the height of my fundus (top of the uterus) jumped 5 cm in one week and the midwife was alarmed enough (it should only increase by a centimeter or two a week) to send me for an ultrasound yesterday. Naturally I kind of freaked out Monday night, especially when I made the mistake of Googling “too much amniotic fluid” right before bed and found that there are few maternal causes and a number of fetal causes. It’s one thing for me to accept that I might be having some health problems that affect the pregnancy, it’s another thing entirely to have to worry that Grommet’s not healthy.

Fret not, the results were encouraging. The ultrasound tech said that both my amniotic fluid level and all the measurements she made on Grommet were normal and that there’s an encouraging amount of activity going on in there (I could have told her this last part). She also confirmed the “head down” status and estimated that the Grom now weighs somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6 lb, 4oz, so we’re good to go. That is a relief, let me tell you. We couldn’t get confirmation of Grommet’s boy/girl parts ‘cause one leg was stubbornly in the way the whole time so we’re still going with the 20-week guess.

My blood pressure was down this morning from yesterday (right now it’s… 127 over 85 – still about the same) so I’m hoping that, in addition to the relief felt at the ultrasound results, staying home and napping yesterday helped. I also had a massage session Monday evening and have booked another one for next week so that can’t hurt. Gotta love that health insurance!

I suspect I’ll be writing more in the next few weeks (we're due in less than 4 and the midwife says that people with blood pressure issues tend to be early!) since I’ll be home by myself for almost the whole time – J’s opening his new business tomorrow and as far as I know he’ll have to be there 7 days a week for the first little while – and starving for contact with the outside world. Hit the link and drop me a line if you get the chance. Seriously.

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