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Forming my Grand Plan.

2005-12-05 - 10:54 a.m.

So Iím done teaching at the gym for awhile. It feels good, yet strange. Iíve been teaching for 3 years (working out for 5 years before that) so itís been ingrained into my routine for a long time. On the other hand, I definitely feel ready for a break.

My fitness regimen for the next while will be focused on me; first getting myself physically and mentally ready for the birth (i.e. prenatal yoga and maybe something water-based*) and then, when I feel Iím ready, helping my body recover from the pregnancy. While I fully expect to be immersed in my own little world with Grommet for an indeterminate time period after the birth, I know that sooner or later Iíll need to get back into contact with the outside, adult world and give myself some ďmeĒ time. I may not go back to teaching for awhile (I continue to get my free membership while Iím on leave so I donít have a lot of incentive to lock myself into a teaching schedule), but I will definitely be going back to the gym. In the spring Iím hoping to give that new stroller that Jís dadís bought for us some use and meander around the tulips with the Grom.

Hereís my other, more secret plan too: I may be way off in left field with this but what Iím really hoping to do more of during this year of maternity leave is stretch my artsy wings more than I usually do. I hope to get some article writing done while housebound in the winter (I plan to use my new 2006 Writerís Market to actually try to sell some freelance stuff), then this spring/summer when it warms up and Grommet becomes more mobile I want to bust out my acrylics, even if only on the back deck of my house during naptime, and maybe even get a really good camera, tripod, and some lenses to capture some scenes around this great city of Ottawa.

Yes, I know that having a baby will be more work than I can really imagine, and yes, I am aware that this sort of thing probably sounds like a pipe dream and people with kids are chuckling to themselves right now about how there will be no time to brush my hair, let alone get anything creative done. To these naysayers I say this: surely there must come a point where all new mothers have to do something for themselves, and surely there must come a day when the baby will be able to be awake without crying for every moment, and they can be dropped into the stroller and taken places. Not to mention, J will surely be able to handle the odd stretch of time with Grommet so I can get out to the gym or even write or paint at home. I am fully prepared and expecting the first couple of months to be all about the Grom: the sleeplessness, the sore boobs, the lack of time to attend to basic personal needs, the messy houseÖ bring it on. I will be sleeping when he sleeps if I can, and doing my best not to lose my sanity or myself as I turn into a milk-producing zombie. But, even though I know the rest of my life will continue to be about the Grom, eventually I will have to make room in it for me as a person, and for J and I as a couple, and, hopefully, eventually a younger sibling for the Grom as well. And since sheís going to be getting to the 3-month mark just as the weather warms up up here in the Great White North, Iím hoping that that will correspond with the time that she gets more easy to handle and I get more used to the demands of an infant and more able to take them in stride.

Wish me luck.

* And if you think itís hard picking out a swimsuit normally, just try it when youíre pregnant! Right now I could get away with a 2-piece but if when those dreaded stretch marks hit.

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