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Belly musings and Christmas shopping.

2005-11-28 - 10:16 a.m.

Tomorrow I hit 30 weeks! This means that, in a couple of days, when people ask me how much time I have left I’ll be counting down weeks in single digits; i.e. tomorrow it’ll be “10 weeks”, but the day after it’ll be “just under 10 weeks” and by Friday it’ll be “9 ½ weeks” (which I can never think of without thinking of that Mickey Rourke/Kim Basinger movie).

The Belly movements are just as fascinating to me now as they were when I first started seeing them. If anything, they’re even more entertaining as I can feel the difference between a kick (more of a fast thump) and a squirm (kind of a moving, stretchy feeling). If I look down in time for the latter I know I’ll see bulges of movement going across the Belly. Also, Grommet’s got the hiccups a few times a day now. This is cute when I’m up and moving around but, as I think I’ve mentioned before, very hard to sleep through. They’re not strong enough to be seen but J has been able to feel them in my lower belly.

My belly button is still an “innie” but occasionally takes on a “squashed in from one side” look. I have a very deep belly button (it ended in a kind of fold, and before becoming pregnant I’d never in my life seen the bottom of it) and I never thought it’d turn into an “outie”, but I can now see it happening at some point. At this point I’ve gained around 26 pounds – not too bad and I’m still hoping to max out at 35. I have friends that gained double that, but my feet are already sore by the end of the day from carting around all this extra weight so I’m really trying to keep things under control. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I’m still hoping things keep themselves under control, because I don’t go out of my way to deny myself anything, really. In fact, as the pregnancy progresses and my stomach gets squished ever upwards and ever smaller, I get full on less and less, so it’s actually been more of a challenge to eat what I think would be enough to provide Grommet with his necessary nutrients and building blocks. I know, for instance, that I should be spreading my food out and eating numerous, smaller meals, but I’m just not hungry that often and a sandwich at lunch time will see me through ‘til dinner if I don’t consciously make an effort to eat, say, a yogurt or a piece of fruit at some point in the afternoon. One thing I know I absolutely need to have more of is water – I was really good at the start of the pregnancy but now I know I’m not hitting my liquid quota for the day. A pregnant woman should be going to the bathroom more than once every 6 hours or so, yes?

I still (knock wood) don’t have any stretch marks… but I won’t be surprised to see them show up – with two month’s worth of growth to go and Grommet expected to more than double her weight, the Belly has a lot of accommodating to do yet.

In other, non-Belly-centric news, I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done this weekend. Three days in a row I went and hit the stores, and three days in a row my feet were aching after a couple of hours of trudging around, and my back was starting to protest. It was totally worth it though: I can’t imagine wanting to go out shopping when it’s even more crowded and I’m bigger. The only holdouts are my Dad – who gave me the impossible task of finding a new version of his favourite 20-year-old gloves (I must have looked in 10 stores) – and my Mom, who thinks it would be “fun” to go shopping together. I don’t think Mom realizes that I don’t often find shopping “fun” to begin with, and way less so these days. Not to mention that she’s given her availability as pretty much any Saturday or Sunday ‘til Christmas. Weekends at malls, as far as I can tell, will be hellish from here on in.

My hope is to steer her away from malls and to specific stores where we can find stuff that we already have in mind. For instance, I think I might be wanting a pair of big, warm, clompy boots when I’ll be more concerned about keeping my feet dry than looking sharp. I’ll be off work for a full year, after all, and even when I go back I could use a pair of good, “workhorse” boots for shoveling snow or taking a toddler for a stroll on the canal. There’s also a new baking book I want (How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson). This means that I can take my mom to a Chapters and a shoe store like Globo (which are conveniently located side-by-side in the same strip mall that houses IKEA), and find enough stuff for me that she’ll be happy, then we can zip across the road to the woodworkers’ and gardeners’ mecca Lee Valley and probably find tons of things for my mom (who is both a woodworker and a gardener), and voilà, we’re done and can retire to a nice place for tea.

I may even take a day off work so that we can avoid the weekend throngs. I have a ton of vacation days saved up and no specific plans to use them except for 3 days at Christmas. If there was ever a time to take advantage of them, this would probably be it: I’m getting large and cumbersome, but I don’t have a child already whose needs come before my own. I’d better be selfish while I still have the chance!

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