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Prenatal class: impressions.

2005-11-25 - 11:58 a.m.

We went to our second class last night and they’re well done and interesting and seem to fly by. The other participants seem nice, though there are definitely some diverse personalities there. Interestingly, the majority have midwives instead of doctors.

I’ve discovered that I did indeed have a (pardon the pun) preconceived notion of prenatal classes. Hands up if you picture a lot of hugely pregnant women sitting on the floor on cushions practicing panting and blowing as they lean back into their husbands’ arms.

Me too.

I realize now that the TV stereotype of these classes shows women who must be close to 8 or 9 months, which is not realistic since we’re encouraged to take them starting early in the 3rd trimester. Accordingly, most of us were around 6 months on the first day of classes and therefore not so huge. Of course, my notion of what is “huge” vs. “not so huge” has been changing lately as I’ve inflated. There are time I (and, I’m sure, every pregnant woman) feel(s) “huge”, but it’s all become relative as I’m probably average size for someone at this point in a pregnancy, and as such other pregnant women my size look about right to me now.

Can I make a catty confession? I’ve been quite pleased with myself for keeping within the “recommended” weight-gain range, particularly since so many women I know have gained 50+ pounds during their pregnancies. Deep down I’d been maybe hoping just a little that everyone else in the class would have fallen into the latter category and that I’d be one of the smaller ones. Instead almost every woman there looks stylish and sleek as a seal. No one is huge and frumpy, damn them. One of them wears boots with heels for goodness sake. Sure, they’re chunky heels but still, they’re quite high.

Last night we saw the first couple of birthing videos. Can I just say AAAAUGH!!! I know the aim of these videos are to make us less afraid but they really had the opposite effect on me and squicked me out a bit. It’s one thing to know that birth will be painful, it’s another to watch a woman who looks like she’s in absolute agony going through it. Mind you, I’ve always empathized too much watching people who are in pain or even in an uncomfortable situation. Not that this is in any way on the same scale… but it kind of explains why I never liked the TV show Seinfeld; people on that show were always getting into situations that just made me cringe for them. I can’t get why people find that sort of thing funny. But I digress.

I’m sure that the pain of labour will be more than I can truly imagine at this point, and yes, it does scare me a bit, but at the same time I know that everyone who has ever walked the earth has a mother that went through birth one way or another (unless you subscribe to that whole Adam-and-Eve thing, and even then, that’s 2 people, ever), so if they all did it, I must be able to too.

And hey, Grommet’s gotta get out of there somehow, right? There’s no turning back now, no matter how squeamish I may or may not get.

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