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2005-11-17 - 4:26 p.m.

Okay, so if it’s years from now, and I’ve forgotten about this, and someone in my family finds it and reads it… telling my father will only stir shit up so you might want to consider the ramifications before you rat me out. That being said…

My dad kind of ticked me off this week. More than kind of. He went to J’s gas station and tried to leave his car running while filling his car up. J’s employee, exactly as she’s supposed to do, told him that he couldn’t leave his car on and wouldn’t turn on the pump. My dad then told her that his battery was low and again, exactly as she’s supposed to do, she reiterated that she couldn’t turn on the pump while his car was running and she’s sorry but could he please turn his car off.

Well, he turned his car off, but when he finished pumping gas he came in in a huff and started complaining and informed her that he was “never coming here again” and that he’s family and generally tried to imply that he should have merited an exception or something.

But here’s the thing; gassing up with your car running? It’s against the law, and J would have expected her to do exactly what she did. And the fact that my dad is, as he even admitted, family? To me means that he has even less excuse to both abuse J’s employees and to set a bad example.

As a gas station operator, J makes no money on gas he sells – all the gas money goes to the parent company and the operator makes his money on the sales of confection, cigarettes, etc. My dad only buys gas. So if my father wants to “never come here again”? Well, I say the same of what I’d say of anyone who comes to J’s business and causes trouble for J or his staff: we don’t need your business at that price.

I wonder if he’ll try to complain to me about the whole thing next time he sees me? If he does, I’ll still be siding with the staff member who did absolutely nothing wrong.


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