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12 weeks, one day to go.

2005-11-14 - 12:53 p.m.

Remembrance Day weekend was, as is perhaps befitting the occasion, kind of blah and sombre. I had two plans with friends of mine that I was looking forward to and both had to cancel. They had good reasons but still, it kind of bummed me out. Iíd spent a lot of the weekend in my pyjamas and not a small amount in solitude; other than teaching my class Saturday morning the only social activities I participated in were dinner with Jís dad on Thursday and Saturday, and a movie at a friend of Jís Saturday night. While I have nothing against these activities at all, I was kind of looking forward to some ďmeĒ time where Iíd get to talk about the pregnancy and gossip with friends, without worrying about whether the subjects bored the other person.

So, you get it all instead. And I know that if youíre not interested youíre not a captive audience so I can blather on all I wantÖ

Iíve found that Iíve been a bit sore in the very middle of my abs, under my navel, the past few days. Iíve probed for the soft, squishy gap that would indicate diastasis recti but so far I think Iím in the clear. Nevertheless, Iíve decided to play it a bit safer and now demo the ab section of my class from a sitting position. Iíve only got six more classes to teach over the next three weeks and then Iím on pregnancy leave from the gym Ė it would be foolish to push too hard and injure myself in the home stretch. Iím also going to double-check with my midwife at my appointment this Wednesday to make sure Iím in the clear for these next few weeks. I promise, stubborn as I am and much as Iím hoping to finish this schedule with the gym, I will abide by her recommendation.

I was talking to a friend on the phone last night and she was all, ďWell, you know what Iím talking about you must be the queen of fatigue at this point.Ē and ďYou point to regulars in your class and say Ďdo what sheís doing,í all the time, right?Ē She seemed extremely surprised that I was still teaching at all, much less doing and demoing everything but the ab work myself. Go me, I guess.

Heartburn is also becoming more of a problem for me, and last night I resorted to chewing a Tums for the first time (it was brought on by, of all things, eating three strawberries!). I may have dodged many of the first-trimester ďbulletsĒ but I do seem to be pretty textbook for the common complaints of the third already.

This morning I was very aware of the kung fu fighting going on in the Belly about half an hour before I was supposed to wake up. I can easily see the time coming where it will be enough to disturb my sleep at night significantly. In the mean time I just think about how thereís no crying accompanying any night fits and how lucky I am that I get to sleep pretty solidly still. Iím still only getting up once or, at most, twice during the night to pee.

That reminds me, does anyone out there actually imply that they get common pregnancy ills that they donít really in order to establish rapport and get a laugh? Like, maybe after a prenatal yoga class youíll crack a joke about how youíre probably all stampeding to the bathroom when, in fact, you donít really go as much as youíve always been told pregnant women do, and in fact only pee a few times a day? No? Righty-ho then.

Me neither.

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