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Remembrance Day and yay for J!

2005-11-10 - 10:36 a.m.

Iím very pleased that there seems to be less Christmas hype before Remembrance Day this year. I suspect it may be due to the fact that itís the Year of the Veteran and so thereís a lot more emphasis than usual being put on Remembrance Day and ceremonies surrounding it. I can only hope the trend continues.

Iím planning to make it down to the War Memorial to pay my respects tomorrow, though I may stop there to observe a minute of silence after the official ceremonies are over since I may not be up to standing on my feet for a long time in the cold for the full time that speeches etc. will be going on. Iíll see how I feel around the time they start (10:30 am). J told me yesterday that, even though heís always working on Remembrance Day, he listens to the ceremonies on the radio and tries to observe the moment of silence along with everyone else. That man is awesome. I love that our values are so in synch. (Now if only we could agree on the cable/no cable issueÖ)

Speaking of J, we got some good news yesterday. As you may know from reading about robbery attempts at his business last year, J owns a gas station. Itís kind of like a franchise in that he owns it as his own business, but kind of not in that he canít transfer or sell it; the parent company dictates who owns it and has a lot of say in how itís run. Well, awhile ago he was shortlisted for a brand new, much bigger site thatís being built and will be available to open at the beginning of January. Yesterday we found out that he got it!

This will mean that, despite the timing not being the best (heíll have to work a lot of hours and deal with a lot of headaches while this site is getting up and running, all during the homestretch of my pregnancy and during the early days of our sonís or daughterís life), this is great news for us in the long run; his earning potential is going to go up and I think the danger factor will go down in this new neighbourhood. Even if he doesnít stay with this company forever (and I hope he doesnít since I donít want to live in such a cold city forever), the experience of running a much larger business will be fantastic, not to mention the extra money in the meantime, right when we need it for our expanding family.

I donít want to give the false impression that Iím complaining about the money we make right now Ė weíre probably squarely in the middle-class. J does alright and I make a comfortable enough salary myselfÖ which is going up soon since I got a promotion at work and am just waiting for the Pay and Benefits group to actually action it on my paycheque. This means that when I go on maternity leave at the end of January, I should still be taking home more than Iím taking home right now. We Canadians are entitled to a full year of maternity leave and my particular benefits package tops up my maternity-leave pay to 93% of my normal salary.

Yes, I know how fortunate I am.

Still, with a critter coming no one could deny the handiness that a bit extra and besides, Iím very proud of J and love to see all his hard work being rewarded.

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