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Rainy Monday blahs.

2005-10-24 - 4:08 p.m.

My weekend was mercifully unstructured for a change. This led to riveting activities such as laundry! And naps! Does the party NEVER END?

Actually I think this may have only been the second or third mid-day nap Iíve taken since getting knocked up. I felt vaguely guilty Ďcause fatigue is only supposed to be a major issue in the first trimesterÖ and then I thought screw it: Iím tired and Iím pregnant and that combination is more than enough justification for a nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon. My throat had been just a titch hoarse too, so maybe I was trying to stave off the invasion of that nasty virus going around. Or maybe I should just not read for that extra time at night and get to sleep, mmm?

The other pregnancy symptom sneaking up on me? Heartburn! Yuck.

My usual yoga teacher is out tomorrow so I think Iíll take a pass on that class this week, though tonight and tomorrow Iíve got some more new choreography to learn for the fitness class I teach Wednesday, so thatíll get my blood circulating.

According to the various sites I check, Grommet should be about a pound and a half now and I can attest to the fact that her kicks can be pretty ferocious from time to time. I was browsing through one of those pregnancy-calendar books on the weekend and it mentioned at the 24-week mark that only at that point should I be able to expect the kicks to be felt by my partner. Hah! J felt the Belly kung-fu at 20 Ĺ weeks, and we could both see it shake me like a bowl full of jelly not long after that. Clearly the Grom is already showing signs of being very advanced for his age.

Today is my fatherís birthday soÖ

Happy Birthday Dad! May you never find this site and read this.

(Donít worry, J and I took him out to dinner and gave him a nice gift so he knows we wish him well, even without finding this site.)

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