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2005-10-21 - 9:59 a.m.

I know Iíve been pretty quiet this last week. I blame Joís husband, who gave me a new Pern book which has been keeping me up past my normal bedtime.

Donít know what Iím talking about? You clearly canít be a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan.

I picked up my first book in Anne McCafferyís Harper Hall trilogy at the library when I was in junior high. Iíve since gone on to read pretty much every book sheís written thatís set on the fictional planet of Pern (along with a number of others sheís penned), and have re-read most of them many, many times. It was her books that drew me into a long love affair with the genre (and possibly further paved the way to geek-dom for me) and, while Iíve kind of outgrown it in the last decade, Iíve never fully abandoned it or her.

Just as Iíve adopted flurb into my vocabulary from Sheri S. Tepper to describe the lint and detritus that collects at the bottom of pockets, so too would the casual dropping of ďPerneseĒ terms into conversation not make me blink. Iím not sure Iíd even notice it, so used to being immersed in that world am I.

And I bet you thought I was cool until now. Sorry to shatter your image of me. Heh.

Anyway, my point is that Iíve been feeling a bit grumpy about work this week, despite the promotion, and I suspect that itís at least partly due to the fact that Iím not getting my normal solid sleep. I usually need between 8 and 9 hours a night (and, hoo boy, just wait until Grommet arrives and then see how that kind of sleep deprivation plays havoc on me) and go to bed between 10:00 and 10:30, but have been staying up reading until well after 11:00 pm instead Ė sometimes until past midnight. Add that to the two nights in a row outside of my own bed and the fact that pregnant me needs even more sleep than usual and Iím definitely getting run down.

Speaking of books, one purchase always seems to beget another: when I went to pick up my 2006 Writerís Market, I saw a new one I totally want, Good House, Cheap House. Itís only a matter of time and that baby will be mine! At this rate I should start an Amazon wish list.

It may very well be that at this rate Iíll also be unable to resist building another house. Maybe in a few yearsÖ

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