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My weekend, J's weekend, and the countdown continues.

2005-10-19 - 1:20 p.m.

I just passed 24 weeks – that means I have less than 16 to go before my official due date of Feb. 7th!

My weekend was good, if long and tiring. After finishing my class at the gym on Saturday I hopped a plane to visit Jo and her family. We babysat an extra 3 kids that evening but it meant we had a lot of downtime to kick back and chat, which was awesome. Sunday was a yummy dim sum, which is evolving into a tradition when I go down for these weekend jaunts. I’m continually amazed that her small children (6 and 4) go nuts over dim sum when my brothers at 13 and 15 still won’t eat melted cheese because it’s “slimy”. They order their pizza with the cheese cold on the side. How weird is that? But I digress…

Mid-afternoon I picked up my rental car and headed to the town an hour away from Toronto to be there for the co-op interviews the next day. We managed to get a small group of “alumni” together for dinner (former students who I or my predecessor had worked with) and it was fabulous seeing them again. I headed to the hotel early to get some sleep but between showering after my trip, and ironing my shirt for the next day, and reading a bit, and talking to J on the phone, it ended up not being such an early night for me.

One thing I’ve noticed lately that has definitely started to get to me is that often my back will get sore by the end of the day. After a couple of days on the road and nights in unfamiliar beds the problem got worse and Monday was the first time it’s carried over into the next day and I’ve woken up with my back not feeling completely fine. Fortunately this has eased off a bit now that I’m home in my own bed and spending my days in the office in my familiar chair.

Monday was grueling in that I hit the starting blocks as soon as I woke up and didn’t really switch off until I got home around 11pm. There was just no real downtime unless you count dinner with a friend… which I don’t because even then there was talking and thinking and no real relaxing. I was definitely feeling the worse for wear by the time I got to the airport to fly back and asked for an extra pillow to nestle into the small of my back. I even considered calling in sick on Tuesday but when I woke up I felt a lot better so I went to work after all.

While I was gone, J had a totally testosterone-filled weekend. He went to a “guy” get-together at a cottage on Friday night; Saturday he helped my father bring in his boat hoist (read: lifted heavy object with a bunch of other men) then went to the hockey game with a buddy; Sunday he did yard work, put away the lawnmower for the year, and selected and bought the snow blower I’d promised him for his birthday. There are few ways to pass the time that J likes more than picking out some sort of machine, be it car, computer or small-engine related.

In other news, my promotion has come through – I signed the papers today and have to drop them off this afternoon. The new, higher salary level will definitely come in handy when I’m on maternity leave… IN THREE MONTHS AND EIGHT DAYS (whoa).

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