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Kickiní it on the downside.

2005-10-11 - 8:37 p.m.

My God, can you believe itís been 23 weeks already? That means that after today thereís less than 17 weeks to go! (Assuming of course, delivery on the actual due date.)

Kick Developments:

The kicks are definitely getting stronger. Theyíre strong enough that theyíre becoming the first thing Iím often aware of as Iím waking up. I donít know if this means that sheís kicking me awake, or if Iíd be waking up anyway but notice them as I start to surface from sleep. Saturday morning I was lying in the sun on my bed and felt kicking and looked down and saw my belly bounce a little. I called J up from downstairs and we both watched this new and fascinating trick of the Gromís. J could even tell the difference between a small kick and a real boot!

Iíve noticed that the kicks tend to move around and, while Grommet seems to prefer the right side of my uterus, if Iím in bed and change positions (I canít be on my left side all of the freakiní time) the kicks often move to whichever side is lower. If heís in the same sort of position as we saw on the ultrasound, with his legs over his head, I guess that means that Iím feeling the kicks roughly where his head is, which means he sure must like being upside down a lot! This bodes well for ending up head-down later on, doncha think? I canít say Iím a fan of the kicks to the bottom of the uterus though Ė sometimes I can feel them resonate in my cervix and itís not painful but it is definitely a weird feeling.

Sunday night I drifted out of sleep briefly when I felt a pressure on one side of the Belly. Sure enough, when I reached down to feel, the side I felt pressure on was hard and bulging out, and the other side was softer and flatter. What I canít figure out is what provides the leverage or traction in there to allow for so much moving around: isnít it all just smooth and round and slippery? (Note to Grommet: the escape hatch youíll be using in about 4 months is downward, not sideways.)

Other developments:

My mid-back is starting to bother me a bit from time-to-time, especially at the end of the day. This is particularly true if I have to spend any real amount of time in a chair with poor or non-existent back support. Iím also starting to get a touch of heartburn every now and then. In fact, I feel a bit off today so Iím taking it easy and going to bed early.

I have no stretch marks yet but I just know theyíre coming and am waiting in dread of the day they start. Iíve noticed the skin at the top of my belly button in particular seems stretched pretty tight; something I wasnít expecting.

Iím definitely showing a lot more: I got offered a seat on the bus the other day. I decided to take advantage of my new ďoutĒ status and used the pregnant-lady parking spot at the grocery store last week. Hey, I might as well. Plus it was raining!

J continues to lift my spirits with his absolute delight in the Belly. Itís great to know my husband is so keen and supportive. I know weíre kind of sickening but I couldnít ask for a better partner. And on that sickeningly sweet note, Iím bidding yíall goodnight.

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