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2005-10-04 - 5:43 p.m.

I realize some people may be tuning in, breathless with anticipation, to find out if Grommet is a boy or a girl. And we do have a piece of paper with the ultrasound technicianís best guess on it (though she wasnít positive Ė it said, ďI think itís aÖĒ).

Alas. My hands are tied. My lips are sealed. I cannot say. And it is killing me. This space is my outlet for things that must be left unsaid in my normal day-to-day life, yet I am bound by my promise to J.

Hereís the thing, J is of the firm conviction that we tell everyone, or we tell no one. If we donít want to tell certain people (such as his sister who we know would be unable to resist buying the most gender-biased type stuff for us), we are not allowed to tell anyone.

ďNot even the internet?Ē I gasped in horror.

ďNot even the internet.Ē was the firm response.

You see, I have, like, three real-time friends that read this. And they know or are married to other friends, and once a few friends know he doesnít think itís right that family shouldnít know.

Gak! How will I manage to keep this in? Iím spending the weekend at my best friendís place in a couple of weeks. How am I supposed to keep this quiet? What about my mom who wants to buy stuff for us? And what about friends and coworkers that have offered hand-me-downs if the Grom is the same sex as their children? HOW CAN MY SCOTTISH SOUL RECONCILE TURNING DOWN FREE STUFF?!?

But there are people I just do not want to tell that he would want to tell and I canít expect him to keep it a secret if I donít.

Itís a terrible quandary for me.

For now all I can say is, ďItís a baby!Ē

(Hmph. Thatís kind of anticlimactic and nowhere near as fun as spilling the beans would have been.)

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