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Not literally Labour Day, ballons, jugs, TMI? and, at last MOVEMENT!

2005-09-05 - 11:21 a.m.

Ah Labour day. A three-day weekend and it’s sunny and gorgeous outside. What, you may ask, am I doing inside if it’s so nice out? Well, I feel obligated to do some cleaning up this morning, including actually packing away a lot of the clothes I tried on that wouldn’t fit anymore. Naturally, this means I’m procrastinating, so here I am writing.

Guess what drifted on by yesterday?

Up, up, and awaaay, in my beautiful balloooon…

This picture was taken very hastily from my balcony. Why hastily? Look what’s going on in the corner of the balcony…

Eeeek!  Hornets!

Any advice on getting rid of hornets? Anyone?


At 17 ½ weeks I’m starting to see some more changes and anticipate the 20-week, half-way there mark.

For one thing, I think my belly-button is getting shallower! If this were winter or if I shunned the sun I wouldn’t notice, but I’m seeing a tan line inside my navel. I have a very deep belly button and had never been able to imagine it becoming an “outie” in pregnancy, but I’m seeing a narrow crease of whiteness at the bottom which contrasts with my stomach’s a light beige colour.

My boobs have finally started getting bigger. It’s subtle when I’m nekkid, but more obvious when I try to wear one of my normal, button-up office shirts. The buttons are starting to pull across the front and before I leave for the day in any particular shirt I have to evaluate whether gaps in the chest area have rendered it unsuitably peekaboo for the office. I think that the veins in my boobs are also getting more noticeable, but since I neglected to take topless “before” pictures of myself for comparison I can’t swear that it’s not just because I’m expecting it and am therefore looking for it.

Speaking of boobs (and really, am I not always?), I read in one of the many “pregnancy week-by-week” places that I may, at 17 weeks, be able to express small amounts of colostrum by now. Well I tried it and guess what, it worked! At first I was like, “Wow! Cool! Look what I can do!” Suddenly my breasts have meaning and aren’t just a mild annoyance that have to be hoisted into a sling every day. I am woman; hear me roar. It did wonders for my confidence in my future ability to breastfeed…. Then it kept working. And kept working. And for 10 minutes I oozed just a tiny little bit, and I was afraid I’d turned on a tap that wouldn’t turn off. I imagined slowly leaking for the next 23 weeks, having to wear those little breast maxi-pads before I’ve even given birth, and I cursed my curiosity. Fortunately it did stop but since then there have been a couple of times when I’ve distinctly felt a slight dampness. I still think it’s cool though.

Now for the big news…

I think I’m feeling Grommet move! I’ve read a ton of literature that says things like, “every woman will describe it differently, but here are some more common descriptions…” Well I don’t think it feels squirmy or like bubbles popping. I feel no resemblance to butterflies, and it’s only like fish wriggling around if you’ve spent hours minnow fishing as a child (which I did) and have put your arm into the bucket and had a lot of them bump straight into you. For me it does bear a passing resemblance to gas but really, it just feels like soft, fast pokes from the inside. I guess I’m saying that I was expecting a side-to-side feeling from all the descriptions, but really, I feel it more as a poking outward sensation. Perhaps a light, a-rhythmic drumming.

In the few days I’ve been feeling this, I’ve noticed that most times it’s been after I’ve had something to eat and them have laid down, i.e. I give the wee one some sugar and then am still enough to notice what’s going on. I’m still reading on my stomach, courtesy of a pillow or two just above and maybe below my belly to take pressure off; that’s when I really feel it. Lying on my back is almost as good. I know I’m not supposed to spend a lot of time on my back but it’s still early enough and the Grom is still small enough that I don’t think it’s a big deal – my body will let me know when and if it’s a bad idea since the reason you’re supposed to avoid it is that it can restrict blood flow and make you feel sick. My reasoning is: not feeling sick? I can keep doing it for now.

So, yeah, lots going on. I think we’re scheduling our next ultrasound for between 20 and 22 weeks so in only 2 – 4 weeks I’ll have more to share for sure. I may even have my own cute-skeleton pictures to post.

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